Side Events and Social Programmes in Salzburg

Exciting and original activities aside from your conference

As for social programmes, Salzburg shows diversity in all seasons: get active outdoors, indulge, eat & drink, celebrate, enjoy the city and discover the province of Salzburg. Directly in front of the gates of Salzburg, many lakes and mountains offer the best opportunities for outdoor activities. And during a GPS guided tour in the old town of the city of Salzburg you will discover centuries-old stories and plenty of cultural events which you can include in your event.

Every moment that involves positive emotions remains in the memory for longer. Ensure that your event creates a positive and lasting impression by organising exciting side events and social programmes. It doesn't necessarily have to be an elaborately staged show - a two or three-hour break is often enough during the event.

Examples for side events or social programmes in the province or city of Salzburg

Our local DMCs and PCOs (Salzburg event agencies) offer exciting social programmes for your event. Here's a short excerpt from the list of possible social programmes:

Holding your conference, fair, congress, or seminar in Salzburg also means you won't have to worry about evening activities or leisure activities: In Salzburg it is easy to find an individual programme.

The province of Salzburg - the perfect setting for active side events

From spring 'til winter there's always something to do in the province of Salzburg. Sporty minds could take a hike to the pasture with a cosy dinner in a hut or orientation training in the woods. For serenity you could play golf on the many courses, even in the winter season. Side events that promote social engagement or leave a green footprint are also available through the Salzburg event agencies. During winter time the white sparkling slopes or cosy cottages should be visited with a ride to a valley on a bobsled. For convention, trade show or conference attendees, many of the ski areas can be reached by a short drive. For pure ski incentives, there are hotels right on the slopes as well.

Salzburg's old town - a cultural programme that never ends

In the city of Salzburg history is a living experience. Learn about the stories of the archbishops and the old ruins from a bygone age. The list of activities within the old town of Salzburg is long!

For specific advice please have a look at the local DMCs and PCOs in Salzburg or click through to the guide for side events and social programms.

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Agentur für Marken(t)räume, Andreas und Melanie Krämer, Geschäftsführung
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