Reconstruction in the Hotel Schloss Mönchstein


In October 2017 the Hotel Schloss Mönchstein started with the renovation and the superstructure of the terrace, where the restaurant will be accommodated in the future.

Investor Hans-Peter Wild takes the traditionally conscious 5-star superior Hotel Schloss Mönchstein into the 21st century with a series of renovations and extensions by impressive modern architecture. The new restaurant offers guests the best view of the city of Salzburg under a modern, architecturally outstanding glass dome.

Behind the idea and implementation of these measures is architect Burgstaller, who has already carried out the recent renovations. Guests should not only enjoy a unique view of the city of Salzburg in the new restaurant, but also see the castle and the surrounding nature from a different point of view.

Modern architecture

The glass dome is a modern statement in contrast to the medieval castle and will stretch like a transparent net across the terrace. Specially crafted steel beams and curved glass elements designed for this construction represent a major logistical challenge.This last structural measure will cost approximately three million euros.

The last stage of construction also includes the renovation of all rooms. The hotel will be closed for these modification for around six months. The reopening should be in time for the Easter Festival in 2018.

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