Dining in the mystic forest blacksmith

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Hotel Hammerschmiede and the old hammer forge are to be found in a unique and remote location at the heart of a forest clearing. This historical monument to the working past in the province of Salzburg is surrounded by natural beauty.  The ‘Hammerschmiede’ museum is in the location of the original hammer forge and there are countless exhibits bearing witness to the period such as a wide range of tools and equipment manufactured here.

The forge has long been a place to meet up for get-togethers. Many a pleasant and enjoyable evening has been spent in these historical surroundingd enjoying regional specialities cooked on an open fire.

Welcome your guests with a glass of ‘Sekt’ or punch on the patio at the edge of the forest and enjoy an evening meal at the Alte Hammerschmiede or the museum. Main courses served straight from the chargoal grill are always a guarantee for a magical evening in good taste.

If desired, a tour and demonstration of the work done in the hammer forge can be arranged for before, during or after dinner, during which each guest becomes the recipient of a hand-crafted gift.

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