Beer tasting experience – the ´beginners´ tour

Passive enjoyment, Eat, drink & celebrate, Salzburg city experience, City of Salzburg

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Follow the footsteps of a qualified beer sommelier through an unforgettable journey into the world of beer within the historical halls of the Stiegl Brewery.

Already while entering the beer garden you will notice the soft fragrance of hops, paired with the unique aroma of malt and barley. After a delicious aperitif, a qualified beer sommelier guides you through the 270° beer cinema to the in-house brewery, where you learn more about raw ingredients and the secrets behind the traditional beer brewing process in Salzburg. Latest within the beer-tasting cellar, you surely will know that you have reached the high point of culinary art. Accompanied by the expert’s knowledge, you will taste two international beer specialties paired with food delights.

This beer tasting experience suits perfectly as side event or evening programm. It takes 1,5 hours and is offered for a minimum number of 8 persons to a maximum number of 18 persons.

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