Alpine Olympics – rustic and fun

Outdoor & Active, SalzburgerLand discovery, Province of Salzburg

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The following activities can be booked separately or together as part of a package. Choose the perfect combination of activities and culinary treats for your incentive.

Alphorn blowing

This activity requires not only a great set of lungs but also the right technique!

Masskrugstemmen - beer stein holding competition

A true muscle workout. Hold your beer stein parallel to the ground for as long as you can – but be careful not to spill any!

Alpine triathlon

Our alpine triathlon – made up of sawing, cow milking and an alpine game called "nageln" – requires strength, skill and accuracy! We make what others call hard work a lot of fun.


Crossbows require calm hands, good eyes and great aim! Participants who bring these three skills to the table have a great chance of taking home the trophy!

Needle and thread

Out of the ordinary but lots of fun. A needle and thread are attached to participants' belts. So far, pretty easy. Participants must then guide their needle into a bottle placed on the ground by bending their knees and twisting their bodies – not so easy after all!