A journey back to the medieval age

Outdoor & Active, Eat, drink & celebrate, SalzburgerLand discovery, Province of Salzburg

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Come a long a journey to the medieval fortress Hohenwerfen. This fortress is located about 40km south the city of Salzburg and was built by the Archbishops of Salzburg in the 11th century as a military base, residence and hunting retreat.

Right at the entrance, you will be greeted in proper style by the lord of the castle with a glass of Schnaps or Met, the medieval honey wine, who invites you to join the raptor show.

To foster the interactivity of the group, the participants are asked to proof their knightly competences at various medieval games, such as horseshoe throwing or crossbow shooting.

After these challenging activities, the lord invites you to enjoy a knightly feast, whereby the winner of the medieval games will be given a knighthood. Troubadours and jugglers will entertain you throughout the dinner and invite their guests to take part in the plays.

The day will end with a torch-light hike from the fortress back to the bus.

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