Renovation with a sure instinct for the Salzburg Luxury Hotel

The Hotel Goldener Hirsch is closed from September 2018 until June 2019 due to renovations.

From September 2018, the Luxury Collection Hotel Goldener Hirsch will be modernized in the "Salzburger Altstadt" in a "gentle" way. The preservation of the traditional ambience and the renewal of the infrastructure are in the foreground. Numerous improvements in the guest area and a substantial modernization of the entire building services are caused by the reconstruction. However, the employees will also benefit from the planned modernization steps. The hotel will be closed for nine months and will re-open in June 2019 in time for the festival season.

The traditional Salzburg hotel Goldener Hirsch is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and since 2016 belongs to the Swiss entrepreneur Dr. Ing. Hans-Peter Wild. A two-digit million sum is currently being invested in the renovation of the guest area and in the modernization of the technical facilities.

"The particular challenge of the renovation is to bring well-dosed freshness to our hotel without changing the basic atmosphere. The family atmosphere and the ambience in the luxurious Salzburg country house style appreciated by regular guests thus remains unchanged even after the conversion ", says the general manager of the hotel, Wolfgang Putz, describing the main idea of ​​the upcoming modernization.

A complete modernization of the rooms, as well as a refreshing of the existing furniture takes place in the guest area. The furniture is professionally restored and then re-integrated into the hotel rooms. The kitchen is moved from the ground floor to the basement of the building, creating enough space for a well-structured, modern kitchen. As a result, the reception area can be more generous. In addition, the entire technical infrastructure, including heating, air conditioning and building services, will be modernized, as well as all safety equipment brought up to date.

Due to the city center location and the centuries-old buildings, the renovation is not only architecturally but also logistically an extremely demanding task. Responsible for the project is architect DI Wolfgang Pessl. The project management is held by Arch. DI Karsten Sippel from smart architects, Dresden. For June 2019, and thus in good time before the start of the festival summer, the reopening of the hotel is planned in its usual splendor and fresh presentation.

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