Atmospheric scientists in Salzburg

Approximately 180 scientists to participate in the 3-day ‘Atmospheric Science Conference’

Major gathering of the world’s most important researchers working in ‘atmospheric science’ in Salzburg: Over the four days of the ‘Atmospheric Science Conference’ – organised by ESA, the European Space Agency – around 180 participants present and discuss the latest results of their research work. From the tourism perspective, it can be seen as a notable success for the Salzburg Convention Bureau – the organisation responsible for the marketing of Salzburg as a destination for events and congresses; not least because the congress participants account for over 500 overnight bookings during the event.

“Having held events in Italy, Spain, Belgium and Greece, we decided to stage the fifth edition of the conference in Austria. Salzburg is particularly well located and is in close proximity to a number of important atmospheric scientists and members of our organisation”, explained Christian Retscher the scientist speaking on behalf of ESA, the organisers of the congress. “Our planning activities were given excellent support by Salzburg Convention Bureau right from the start.“

Mr. Retscher stated that although Austria was a smaller member of the European Space Agency, it provided significant support for - and assigned great importance to – scientific cooperation in atmospheric sciences: “Furthermore, this event is intended as a springboard for ambitious members of the scientific​​​​​​​ and industrial sectors upon which to present their latest research results.”

Talks are to be given by several internationally renowned experts in the field of atmospheric research at the Salzburg Congress venue. David Crisp of NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and the Caltech Institute of Technology (USA), is giving a keynote speech on the measurement of carbon dioxide and methane concentrations from space. Yi Liu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is to introduce the TanSat greenhouse gas mission. Claus Zehner of the European Space Agency in Italy is the manager of the Copernicus Sentinel 5p Mission and is to report on the current status of the mission – and on the latest product developments with particular emphasis placed on air quality in Europe.

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